Helping Others Discover God – Discovery Bible Study Help your lost friends and family fall in love with Jesus and start a Disciple Making Movement. With the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) process, you can help them discover God for themselves, obey His Word, and share it with others right from the beginning.  This video will give you the "why" behind the process,… Continue reading Helping Others Discover God – Discovery Bible Study

#Disciple2019 Breakout sessions on discipleship!

The whole thing was about discipleship--but some sessions really focused. Take a look at ACNA's media page to see the breakout sessions: Disciple-making Through Worship and Music presented by Philip Percival and Alanna Glover, St Ebbe’s OxfordDisciple-Making Through Word and Sacrament presented by Bishop Stewart Ruch and TeamGrandparents Making Disciples: Awakening a 'Retired' Generation presented… Continue reading #Disciple2019 Breakout sessions on discipleship!