Developing Church Online

The Value of Digital Transformation for Churches

How can a church present itself digitally? Why should it continue to do so even once it is possible to meet live and in person?

A Conversation with Archbishop Foley Beach

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 4:00PM (ET) the American Anglican Council hosted a live discussion with the ACNA’s Archbishop Foley Beach, where he answered questions that Canon Phil Ashey posed to him from the audience on what we can expect in our churches as the nation begins to come out of quarantine and as our churches begin to re-engage with those we are called to serve.

“The Church Sustainable” Zoom Online Webinar – The Evergreen Project

In this Webinar, David Roseberry and his guests discuss good practices for maintaining a religious life in the age of the Coronavirus. This video includes a discussion of collecting the offering: Your church people want you to succeed, you do have to ask.

The Panelists include:
• The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey (President & Chief Executive Officer of American Anglican Council or AAC)
• The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge (Director of Church Revitalization and Coaching at American Anglican Council)
• The Rev. Daniel Adkinson (Rector at St. Thomas Anglican Church in Athens, GA.)

LIVEcast: Doing Church From Home: Broadcasting To The World

Ian Anderson Gray and Marty GrayMarch 23, 2020

Yesterday was one of the weirdest Sundays in church history. Millions watched online as we practice good social distancing. One such church leader was Marty Gray who leads Ravenhill Presbyterian Church in Belfast. He’ll talk us through his excellent approach to online church. Andrew Sach will talk about a different approach he’s taken at Grace Church, Greenwich. We’re also joined by Ian Anderson Gray, Founder of the Confident Live Marketing Academy and host of the Confident Live Marketing Podcast.

Using Facebook to Build Your Church

Digital training with Justin Murff. Facebook may be the first part of your church people see. Here’s how to use it to build your church.

The Community Side of Church Online.

Digital Training with Justin Murff

The Technical Side of Church Online

Lights, cameras, action: What do you need to run an online service? Find out how to use what you have and how to look for new items